It’s obvious to anyone who owns a tablet PC that many website owners are not testing their pages on the device. Some sites offer limited product visibility and menus that tablet PC users cannot take advantage of. Tablet PCs and the iPad have primarily been used for entertainment purposes but more and more people are now using them for online shopping*. Website compatibility with a tablet PC is now a valuable investment. Here are Wagada’s usability tips for tablet PCs and the iPad:

  • No Flash please! Flash is not supported on the iPad. This means that we often miss out on enhanced views of products and just see a blank space instead of a Flash splash screen. Not a pretty sight (yes I am talking to you Ikea).
  • Smaller screen sizes – so watch out for your font size This also applies to very busy websites which can be very difficult to read on the iPad without zooming.
  • Tablet PC users cannot hover – no tooltips for us then Don’t rely on the hover function to offer helpful advice and instructions.
  • Drop-down boxes aren’t a great success These boxes also rely on the hover functionality. Some do not work at all while others disappear when you least expect it.
  • Links too close together Links that are too close together can make navigating a nightmare (and before you ask I don’t have fat fingers).
  • Buttons and touch targets need to be of sufficient size Following on from the last point, make your buttons and touch targets sufficiently big for users to be able to click on them (1cm by 1cm is a nice size).
  • Keep data entry to a minimum Tablet owners don’t like typing so you are even more likely to lose them at the final form filling stage. Keep your data entry demands to a minimum in order to maximise conversions. Even big companies are neglecting to test their websites on a tablet PC. With tablet sales now reaching 15% of the PC market in 2011** testing your website on a tablet PC is now vital. Wagada offers usability testing of websites, contact us for more information.
*Source: **Source:

There are many great reasons to get a business blog and with the easily available blogging software out in the marketplace there’s really no excuse not to.

A blog transforms your website from a static online brochure to a vibrant and fascinating hub for your marketplace. A well-written blog engages your customers and keeps them on your website for longer, it brings more quality visitors as well as increasing your search engine ranking.

Needless to say that content must be of high quality and unique. Don’t stuff with your keywords and check your grammar and spelling – a blog with spelling mistakes will not inspire confidence.

If you haven’t got one yet, start a blog because:

  1. You’ll get more opportunities to make use of your keywords…
    Just make sure you’ve done your research and you know which keywords to target.
  2. The search engines likes updated content…
    The search engines like to see that a website is being maintained and a constant stream of fresh content is one way that they judge this. This month Google has tweaked its algorithm yet again with their so-called ‘Fresher’ update which prioritises more recent information.
  3. Other people might link to you…
    Great content will attract links from other websites. This gives you a double win situation: Google will think your website is worth ranking and you’ll get more traffic from relevant sources. If you write something really exciting it could start to spread on social media websites.
  4. It allows you to offer useful hints and tips…
    Your clients (and potential clients) will love you for it.
  5. It is useful to customers to see that a website is updated frequently…
    It shows that the company is actively maintaining its image and can be reassuring when buying online.
  6. It helps customers to get a flavour of the company…
    Let your customers get to know you and develop a relationship.
  7. It keeps users on your website for longer…
    A blog will keep you users engaged, giving you more time to use your persuasive copywriting skills to get them to purchase!
  8. It enables you to be a thought leader…
    Have an opinion and let everyone hear about it.

If you don’t know what to write in your blog let Wagada write it for you. We offer a content creation service and can keep your blog updated on a regular basis.