Blogging is writing interesting articles about important topics. The blogger chooses the topic based on his or her own personal preferences and specialist subjects.

SEO copywriting is writing with the web searchers’ needs in mind. What terms or phrases are people searching for on Google? Write an article about them.

Then, when people search for that exact keyword phrase on Google, they’ll discover your website.

SEO copywriting will bring traffic to your website, blogging will only get your content read by your existing audience. So if you’re looking to use blogging as a way to boost your website traffic then make sure you think like an SEO copywriter.

How to write your blog with SEO in mind?

Keyword research is vital to discover what your audience is searching for on Google. Answer the questions and queries that people are asking. “What is..?”, “Why..?”, “How?”. Look for long-tail keyword phrases that you can rank well for in the search engines. Long-tail queries are the more specific, longer keyword phrases. These phrases have fewer searches, but as your content meets their needs, you’ll gain qualified search traffic.

Ultimately, it’s not necessarily a high ranking which will get people buying from your website, it’s getting more qualified traffic. So no link building needed, just target your content for more traffic and more leads. Your website will naturally attract links, so you’ll also benefit from a ranking perspective.

Targeted blog-writing is a great long-term SEO strategy to increase your website traffic and qualified leads.

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