To determine your ranking Google looks at the relevancy of the keywords on your web page and your page’s authority. Relevancy refers to the content on your web page and how closely this matches the searcher’s needs. Authority is the way that Google determines how important, or popular the website is.

Relevancy + authority = SEO success.

Keyword Relevancy

If the content of your web page matches that of the searcher’s query, your site is determined to be relevant. So someone looking for a blue wardrobe could be presented with your page if you talk about a blue wardrobe.  Therefore you’ll need to carefully choose the words and phrases that people are searching for. You can do this through keyword research using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

You’ll need to make sure that your web page contains the most relevant keywords in all the places that Google considers important – like headings, in bold or in title tags.

You’ll also need to have sufficient content on your website to take advantage of your keywords. Google loves websites which contain a lot of fresh and unique content and the more keyword-rich content you have, the better you will rank.

So how do you gain authority?

You need to show Google that your website is popular and valuable:

  • Sufficient informative content
  • As many quality links as possible linking to the content. If the websites which link to you are considered by Google to be high authority, then these links are worth more to you
  • Social media signals such as Facebook engagement and retweets

The search engines are trying to produce the most reliable and high quality results for their users. Website visitors consider usability and well-written content to be crucial when determining the value of a website. But Google is a computer and can’t assess usability as easily as a human. That’s why search engines place so much importance on links to your website. Inbound links are like votes for your site – this is the democracy of the web and allows the engines to work out which pages are well written and popular.

Quality inbound links are difficult to get – which is why they are so valuable. However a high quality link will bring you more traffic than a low quality link, so forge relationships with other website owners to ask them to promote your content.

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