Building a community for your brand means using social media to engage your customers and involve them in your company’s day-to-day activities. Social media turns your customers into your supporters. They share your content, feed back on how you’re doing and engage with your posts.

It’s easy to see how building a community could help your brand, but it can also directly affect your search engine ranking.

Google is getting cleverer. Stuffing your pages with keywords and amassing a large quantity of low quality links is no longer going to be enough to get to the top of the search engine rankings.

It now wants to see a coherent social strategy, lots of quality content and an engaged audience – all of which is much more difficult to fake.

Building a Community Boosts your Search Engine Ranking

Social signals are now a small, but important ranking factor. In the same way that links allowed Google to see that people were talking about you, social signals demonstrate the reach of the company. Google can see how many followers you have, how much engagement is taking place and what content is being shared.

You wouldn’t retweet a poorly written blog article, so lots of retweets gives a strong indication to Google of the quality of the content on your site.

Your Community Shares your Content

If your community is sharing your content for you, this gives you more opportunities to gain inbound links from other sites. High quality, relevant links are still important for search engine optimisation.

Is this the end of manual link building? Perhaps not, but if you can get your customers to share your content, your outreach and link building is done for you.

Use Your Community to Identify New Keyword Phrases

What questions are your customers asking on social media? What keywords are they using? People do not always use the keywords that we expect when describing your products and services.

The way they talk about you to each other on your Facebook page gives you a very strong insight into their world and the language they are using. If you create content around these key questions and phrases, you will better meet their needs. Ranking for the longer, more unusual phrases will be easier, and an engaged, interested audience is more likely to spend longer on your site, and is more likely to convert.

Building a community for your brand is an excellent way to boost your search engine ranking, engage your audience, find out the needs of your customers and spread the word about your products and service.

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