In the ever-changing online world, building customer loyalty has become a big challenge for many businesses. It used to be the case that you just needed to show people that you have what they wanted in order to gain a customer. Nowadays, with the saturation of the online market you have to compete for the top spot and to demonstrate to the searcher (as well as the search engine) that you have what they need.

Statistics suggest that 80% of future revenue for a company will come from 20% of the existing clientele. So clearly it is important to focus on retaining your existing customers. With the increasing difficulty of showing people that you have what they need, how do you build a loyal online customer base that will return?

Building Customer Loyalty Online with Content Marketing

Having fresh and relevant content on your website is an important part of Google’s decision about your site’s ranking. But it’s not just about this. Having interesting and engaging content for your customers will encourage them to come back to read more. It might even encourage them to click further through your site. Curating content of interest to your readers is another way of doing this. It can be a great form of contribution to your online presence and suggests to customers that you are aware of what interests them. If you create interesting content then customers are more likely to share it and so you are more likely to get links back to your site, which is why Wagada are here to help with our Content Marketing services.


Another important way of building customer loyalty online is by having a site that they enjoy and find easy to use. To improve your click-through rate, it is important that your customers easily find what they want and have a smooth transition through the pages of your site. If they have found it difficult to navigate your site then they are less likely to purchase something and even less likely to return. Your site’s usability is therefore very important. By having relevant links on your pages, not only will the customer enjoy the experience but Google also likes anchor texts which are relevant, which will improve your ranking.

Engagement with Customers

Social media is a great way to engage with your customers, raise your online profile and promote your products, services and ideas. It is therefore important to choose a platform that suits your customers as it will be too time-consuming for a smaller company to manage lots of profiles. So it is better to carefully target what you do. This might be dependent on your target market: age, gender, interests, personalities and so on.

Proactively engaging directly with customers can make them feel like you care personally, which is valuable when encouraging loyalty. Asking questions about their opinions is a great way to do this, whether you are getting feedback or simply trying to engage them in conversation. Being vocal about mistakes or when things go wrong gives a “human” feel to the company and you will be thought of more as people rather than as a company disconnected from their customers.

Be Personal

Not only is it important to engage with customers online through social media, it’s also important to give a personal touch to your brand on your website. Telling the story of your company on your home page or the about us section can help people to relate to your company. Businesses may be online but customers want to see the personality behind the brand and the website. Once you have achieved this, you can then share the story further with guest blogging or on social media.

Of course, it is important to encourage customers to your site in the first place. One way of doing this is by embedding a virtual tour of your shop on your website with Google 360 Photography, this offers a personal experience to potential customers. They can experience the look and feel of your shop simply by looking at your website or on Google maps and it is a great way to encourage customers to choose your services over another competitor.

The ways of building customer loyalty have changed in this increasingly online world. But with good quality content, a customer-friendly site and a personable approach to your customers you can not only engage and retain customer but improve your website search engine ranking as a bonus.

We offer services for both Content Marketing and Google 360 Photography!