Building a content marketing strategy for your website

Everyone knows that creating a stylish, modern and usable website is a must when setting up a business. For most companies, getting found on the internet is the way that they gain the majority of their customers, so it’s important that your site creates a fantastic first impression. However it is essential not to prioritise style over substance and to make sure that your content is also good quality, valuable and attractive to potential clients. Building a content marketing strategy is vital to the success of your brand and should always take a central role in your digital marketing.

So what is content marketing?

Put simply, the concept of content marketing is creating innovative, informative and relevant content on your website. This content will capture the attention of the customers that you want to attract, and will encourage your key influencers to share and promote your content. It’s all about making your site the one that people will want to tell their friends about, visit, link to and keep coming back to! Creating great content sits at the very heart of your online marketing campaign, so let’s look at the 3 key questions you need to ask which will help build your own successful content marketing strategy for your website.

1. Who do you want to attract? – Determining your ideal customer base

Effectively meeting the needs of your customer is the basis of every good business model, so the first step in creating your content marketing strategy is to take the time to discuss, develop and decide where your key demographic lies. You can then tailor your content to add value for that customer. You will need to make sure you have all the data you need so focus groups, market research, keyword research and competitor analysis can really help you build a picture of the type of content that your ideal client is looking for. Of course there may be more than one type of customer you are looking to attract, so you can always divide your customer base into segments to assess what each of them want from your website. Then you can target your content marketing strategy to your target customer base.

2. How are you going to attract them? – Creating powerful content

Once you know who you want your content to attract, the next step is working out how to do this. Content marketing is all about dynamic content which really engages your customers. For example a babywear site could offer a weekly “tried and tested” baby food recipe. A B2B oriented site may want to establish its authority in the industry by regularly sharing the latest industry news and providing an insight on this. Pictures and graphics can also be really powerful and popular, so you could consider creating your own branded infographic or producing eye-catching photos of your products that people will want to view and share.

3. Who are you going to share with? – Engaging with key influencers

Once you have your content, you need to make sure that you have all your key influencers on board. They will be responsible for sharing and promoting the fantastic content you have created. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook can be an ideal way to reach out and build relationships with people who will value your content and will want to share it with others. Popular blogs whose topic is relevant to your industry and the websites of companies that complement your products are also great ways to promote your content.

By following these 3 steps you can develop a content marketing strategy and build a loyal and engaged audience which will enable you to reach, retain and grow your customer base.


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