Build your brand and boost your SEO

Marketing your business and your brand is vital in the current highly complex and competitive digital world. But by taking the time to find the unique selling points of your company or product and creating an exciting, engaging brand which encourages customers to keep coming back for more, you will demonstrate to Google that you have a sustainable and loyal customer base that can give your SEO a boost. Read on to find out more:

So what is branding?

Millions of pounds are spent each year on developing and advertising the world’s biggest brands and ensuring that they stand out from their competitors. It’s easy to assume that a brand is simply a logo, a set of colours or a particular design. But good quality branding is far more than a visual indicator – it is all about gradually building awareness of a particular product through repetitive advertising, positive reinforcement and referrals. Once this product becomes accepted and well known, word of mouth will spread until that particular brand equals a guarantee of quality and a positive experience. At this stage, a brand becomes almost a gut feeling or emotional connection, where customers trust that particular brand and a loyal customer base can be established.

How branding goes hand in hand with SEO

The lines between different types of digital marketing, SEO and branding are becoming more and more blurred. A successful long-term digital marketing strategy should focus not only on the short-term gains of increased rankings and traffic, but also on the general development of the brand itself which will create more interest, more links and more time spent on the website.

The key to successfully building your brand and boosting your SEO at the same time is to make sure that your website has plenty of fresh and current content, lots of opportunities to engage new customers and keep them interested and special offers or news which encourage customers to share your brand via social networking sites. As word starts to get out and awareness of your brand increases, you will also see an increase in rankings and traffic.

SEO in 2013 is more than just link building – Google wants to see that your website engages its audience and has a following. Successful brand building for SEO is all about understanding how to communicate the unique selling points to your audience in an engaging and exciting way. Investing time in developing your brand will boost your ranking, build a strong and loyal customer base and not only increase traffic but also increase the amount of time new customers spend getting to know you, which is a far more sustainable goal for your brand’s future.

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