Keyword Research

At Wagada we can tell you which keywords people are searching for most often on the web in your industry. This means that you can then add these keywords to your pages so that the search engines associate your website with providing these services or products. And it also gives you a very up-to-date indication of the direction of the market and what customers want.

It’s not what you say but also the way that you say it…
The placement of these words on a page is also important. Keywords found in the title tag are given more importance than those dotted in the main body of the page. For maximum effect you should be including a keyword in the title tag, in one of the section headings and in the copy of the webpage. Including other related phrases within the main copy will reinforce the context and relevance of your main phrase for that page.

Our keyword research service includes:

  • Brainstorming of key terms, search for synonyms, analysis of competitor sites
  • Analysis of popularity and competitiveness of each keyword phrase
  • Selection of keyword terms to target, including niche markets and long-tail terms
  • Advice on placement of keywords to have most effect

If you want us to make the necessary changes to the content of your pages to make them more search engine friendly, see SEO on-page optimisation.

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