Link Building Service

Google likes websites that are being ‘talked about’. As people are more likely to talk about a site if it is of high quality and offers interesting content,  links provide a good opportunity for Google to identify the best sites. This allows the search engine to assess how authoritative a website is: the more high quality links, the greater the website’s influence.  At Wagada, our link building service will help you create a natural link profile that will be loved by Google!

Although Google has started to use a greater range of factors to assess a website, including social media, links continue to be important and raise your website’s authority. At Wagada, we see links as a great way of boosting ranking but also good for raising your company’s online profile and for bringing traffic to your website.

Relevant and Organic Link Building Service

Our experts will seek out high quality links to your website from relevant sources.

We work alongside Google and don’t try to trick the search engine. And in doing so, we won’t get your website penalised! Google is now looking for a well-rounded link profile, from a variety of sources, and our link building campaigns include article sharing and blogger outreach.

We love to use content marketing in our link building campaigns. The best links are developed naturally to the strong content on your website. So we help you to develop your content and create ‘link bait’ – so this is content that is so useful and informative that other people in the industry want to link to it. However, we all know it isn’t that simple, and this is where we use outreach to make sure the key people know about the content you’ve produced.

We work alongside you, in a similar way to a PR agency, to find interesting stories that we can promote in order to raise your profile, get people talking about you and get you links.
As part of our link building strategy, we reach out to people in your industry to forge relationships with them and get links to your website. One way of doing this is through social media, where we can reach out to high profile individuals and get them talking about you. This is great way to both build links and raise your company’s profile.

We have connections with a variety of relevant bloggers and can reach out to them when we have a strong story that we would like to share.

As Cyrus Shepard said, “At its best good link building is indistinguishable from good marketing.” This is how we see link building at Wagada.

Not only will we build links to your site, we can also help you to find out if there are bad links pointing to your site and will help you to detox your site and remove links that may be harming you. If you’ve done SEO with another agency, and your site is not performing as well as it used to, this is definitely something to investigate.

Wagada’s link building service fits perfectly alongside our content marketing as high quality content is a magnet for links.

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