Local SEO

Small businesses who meet a lot of their clients face-to-face prefer to rank for local search terms, such as St Albans, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire etc… Concentrating your SEO budget on local search terms can be more effective and affordable.

Wagada can help you get to the top for local search terms with our tried and tested local SEO strategy:

  • Keyword research: we will analyse the search terms that people are using for your local area and industry and help you to identify those keyword phrases which offer the best value.
  • Competitor analysis: SEO is all about the competition – we need to evaluate your competitors’ strategy so that we can beat them.
  • Google+ Local (previously Google Places) optimisation: your local page needs to reflect your main keywords
  • On-page optimisation of your website: making sure that your website reflects your location, and your target keywords.
  • Listing in local directories: we can tell you which local business directories are relevant to your business and your local area.
  • Local link building: we will work with you to identify both industry-wide and local websites who could link to you and boost your website’s authority.
  • Review strategy: reviews are great for SEO and conversions. We will formulate a plan to get more reviews from your clients and help you to encourage customer reviews.

This sort of strategy is ideal for hairdressers, plumbers, restaurants, solicitors, hotels, florists etc… anyone who wants to rank well for searches that contain local keywords.

One in four Google searches contain local search terms*

Investing in local search engine optimisation can really give your business a boost. It can be really cost effective for small businesses. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your local SEO.

More information on our small business SEO.

*Source: Google 2010

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