SEO Audit

Our SEO audit provides a thorough overview of the needs of your website and the keywords customers are searching for to find your products or services. This is a both a troubleshooting review to identify where technical or content issues exist and an opportunity to obtain concrete advice on where improvements can be made.

Our search engine optimisation audit will:

  • Help you to drive more traffic to your website
  • Enable you to increase your visibility in search engine results
  • Offer an indication of what users are searching for in your market

In the audit we will look at the following aspects:

  • Keyword research (we also offer this as a separate service, see keyword research for more information)
  • Keyword mapping showing the keywords to be targeted on each section of your website
  • Review of where technical problems exist in your current website (also covered in our SEO health check)
  • Review of current content
  • Analysis of what additional content can be created to incorporate your keywords and gain additional links (we also offer an SEO copywriting service)
  • Research on where backlinks can be obtained
  • Mini usability review: strongly related to SEO as not only does it affect conversion rates it also affects the propensity of people to link to your site. We will identify any major usability problems on your site.


  • List of keyword terms to target including long-tail and niche keywords
  • A keyword map showing which keywords to target on which page/section of the site
  • Comprehensive list of websites to approach to request links
  • Analysis of the current content and recommendations of where improvements could be made
  • Analysis of competitors’ sites
  • List of potential ideas for additional content
  • Concrete recommendations for usability improvements

Our SEO audit encompasses the keyword research service that we also provide separately.

If you want us to help you make the necessary changes to the content of your pages to boost your ranking then see SEO on-page optimisation.