SEO Copywriting

Wagada offers a specialised SEO copywriting service to set your website up ready for the search engines. Google looks at the words that appear on your website to determine what that page is about. It looks at where these words appear to determine their importance. So if you’re selling books and the word ‘books’ appears in your menu and your title tag and several times across your page…it gets the message.

Search engines will also look at which sites are linking to yours to determine your ranking. So if lots of people think your content is good, Google takes that as a sign of quality and increases your ranking. Even better if that site has lots of other sites linking to it. A quality site will link to a quality site will link to a quality site etc…

So words are important then
Make sure you’ve got enough words and they’re saying what you want them to say. At Wagada we offer keyword research to make sure that you are targeting the words that your customers are looking for.

You need to have copy and lots of it to get ranked by the search engines
Lots of pages of content gives Google something to crawl, and gives you a chance to get your keywords in. Don’t be tempted to repeat the same content though, search engines can pick up on this and could penalise you. Our SEO copywriting service puts the usability and readability of your website first.

You need quality content to get other sites to link to yours
Don’t be tempted to repeat your keywords so often that the content becomes unreadable. Your customers will vote their displeasure with a clickety click, off to another website.

Great copy gives your customers faith in your brand and engages their attention, keeping them on your site long enough that you can persuade them to buy.

Our SEO copywriting service involves looking at your competitors’ websites to see what content strategies they are using. Our aim will then be to produce content that is more original and useful than your competitors. Possible sources of additional content to get your website noticed could be:

  • Blogs – opinion pieces on topics related to your industry.
  • Articles – an analysis or an explanation of a certain topic.
  • White papers – short documents that educate your audience on industry trends or challenges.
  • Videos – either product or industry related.
  • Webinars – a presentation by an expert in the field.

We also offer a website copywriting service which takes into account the principles of search engine optimisation.

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