SEO On-page Optimisation

Advice from external consultants is all very well, but what if you don’t have the time or resources to implement the changes yourselves? You give us access to your content management system, or static HTML pages, and we’ll optimise your content for you.

We will:
Perform a website review, including keyword research, so that we can see where improvements could be make to your SEO strategy

  • Add your keywords to your pages, ensuring that the copy is still clear and easy to read.
  • Add your keywords into prominent places, such as title tags and in lists.
  • Review the meta description of your pages (this is what customers see when your site appears in the search engine results).

If your website requires a great deal of technical work to make it more search engine friendly we can recommend web developers who can perform this work for us.

Alternatively we can train you to make the changes yourself, see our information about our SEO training.

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