Small Business SEO

Wagada loves helping small businesses rank for their search terms. We understand that you cannot afford a huge SEO budget so we try to work with you on what is possible, and what will bring you the most revenue. Our small business SEO package looks at ways that you can rank well for your chosen keywords, and bring more traffic to your website.

Competing with the big boys can be tough. So we’ll try and identify niche keywords that you can rank for – these may have fewer searches, but the clients’ searches are more targeted so you’re more likely to make a sale once they’ve discovered your website.

If we don’t think you’ll be able to get onto the first page with the budget that you have, then we’ll tell you. We’d much rather have satisfied clients.

Local SEO, If your small business is looking for clients mainly from your local area then we can help you to acheive a high ranking for local terms. For more information check out: Local SEO.

Contact Wagada if you are a small business owner looking for get more traffic to your website. Our small business SEO packages are great for small budgets.

If you’d rather learn how to optimise your content yourself, we offer SEO training.

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