Usability Testing

Usability testing involves recruiting people from your target customer audience to complete tasks on your website and then watching how they perform. We analyse both their behaviours and their opinions to form a comprehensive overview of your online brand.

It allows you to identify areas where customers are confused or struggling to complete tasks. Wagada will then provide a list of concrete recommendations detailing how to correct these issues.

usable website is enjoyable to interact with and maximises conversion rates as users easily complete their tasks.

During the usability testing we will test the following aspects of your website:

  • The route to conversion/purchase
  • The information architecture/organisation of the website
  • Any missing information
  • Is the search facility effective and intuitive?
  • Functionality of web forms

However this isn’t the whole story. Usability testing is also an opportunity to gain a valuable insight into your customers’ expectations when online. You could find out:

  • how users typically browse the internet for your industry
  • what their expectations are based on their past experience and use of competitor websites
  • if the terminology used is based on customer needs and not just business needs
  • how customers respond when you force them to register
  • what your target audience thinks of your brand
  • whether the typical customer is aware of your range of products
  • what new features customers would like to see

Wagada offers affordable usability testing packages. We also offer usability reviews where an expert in usability principles assesses your website and provides recommendations for improvement.

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