Managing Director

“We have been working with Wagada for almost a year now and they have provided great service and support to us with SEO and Adwords. Everyone in the team is very friendly, helpful and efficient, as well as knowledgeable.”

Yvonne Blandford, PR Executive, Impellus

“When we were choosing an SEO agency, we looked for someone local so that I can meet and talk to face to face with them when I need to. As well as wanting a local agency, I wanted to find someone I could trust and that I could leave to get on with the job. Wagada met both of these criteria.”

Dave Simmons, ShootSystems

“Cheryl worked with us to help design and implement a coherent SEO/web usability strategy. Her input was invaluable in helping us to understand how to pick our way through the minefield of SEO and her initial findings are still shaping how this work is carried out now. Cheryl has a deep knowledge in these areas – particularly in terms of usability advice – and she is also passionate about her work. Everything we discussed as deliverables were handled on time and to budget.”

Jeremy Wilcox, BBC Active

"Having spent some considerable time developing our website and improving the design, we were very conscious that we needed to engage an agency to help with our SEO. Wagada were introduced to us and we loved their very personal touch – spending time getting to know our business and engaging with what we do. Magically, they work on their stuff behind the scenes which I would have no chance of understanding but it works! Our rankings have improved dramatically and their work has put us as the top website for nurseries across all of our key locations.
Through a combination of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and constant link-building, our website has become very vibrant and Wagada are always making suggestions to improve it. I would highly recommend them for their personal approach and their ability to listen to clients and review what they are doing to achieve their excellent results."

Ruth Pimentel, Chief Executive, Toad Hall Nursery Group

"Wagada were recommended to me - I probably wouldn’t have known where to go otherwise so getting a personal recommendation was really valuable. I was looking for an SEO agency that would understand how I wanted to work, and not baffle me with jargon. One that would explain things to me, one that would let me do some of the work to save me costs. I wanted an agency that would let me be involved, and one that cares about me and my business.
I felt that Wagada would be able to deliver on these important factors and didn't come across as only in it for the money. They are a very friendly team.
I feel that Wagada offer good advice, are always thinking of new things to try and I am certainly further up the Google rankings and I have no doubt that that is partly down to Wagada’s input on the SEO front."

Jo Bates, Founder, Thumbsie

"Wagada were a great help in enabling us to quickly boost our SEO and make our content discoverable to our teenage audience. In a really short space of time they delivered a significant uplift in relevant traffic to our website with both new and existing content far more easily found, helping us to demystify Google’s algorithms. They also employ first class writers who understood our campaign perfectly."

Toby Hicks, Your Life

“Today’s marketing strategy meeting with Wagada was great. Thank you for all your fab work – I wish all my meetings were as constructive and useful! Had a chance to look at the blog in more detail – you’d think you had been in the industry all your life!”

Greg O’Donoghue, Owner, Just Windows and Doors Ltd

“Have found Cheryl and her team at Wagada just superb! They work very closely with you to understand your business and I find that they help me understand some of the theory behind SEO which can only help my business. In fact I often feel Wagada are an extension of the Rio Lounge office. But of course, the most important factor is that Wagada deliver results. My business features on page 1 of google, and that is the proof in the pudding why you should use Wagada!”

Jo Morris, Rio Lounge

"When we started the process of choosing an SEO agency, we googled local companies and looked for those who ranked well (if an SEO agency can't optimise their own website, they've failed!) Wagada also had a site that didn't promise miracles.
We’d used an SEO agency before and they were good for a bit, and then seemed to do very little. We were looking for a company that knew their stuff, didn't use black hat SEO techniques for quick wins, and who charged a reasonable amount. We chose Wagada because they offered all of these things.
We’ve stayed with Wagada for the long-term because they've adapted to our needs as we've grown - changing from onsite work, to more offsite work in the last couple of years. We’re building a bigger in-house team with strong digital marketing skills of their own, so the requirements keep changing for Wagada. They continue to support us with their practical, flexible and consultative approach which works very well for our business and our needs."

James Hyde, Commercial Director, James and James Fulfilment

"We chose our SEO agency in much the same way as we choose any supplier. If we meet someone we like, who seems to know what they are talking about, and they’re not doing a hard sell on us, we’ll give them a try. The prices sounded about right and Wagada didn’t promise something ridiculous, which made us think you weren’t conning us in some way.
We were looking for an agency that could get our products under people’s noses. We chose Wagada because we like the people and felt they knew what they were talking about. What you do works. We have stayed with Wagada for years because our website and products are doing well."

Emma Page, Owner, Victorian Emporium

"Wagada have been working with us to deliver SEO support since we first commissioned them in 2013. Their strategic, proactive approach and in-depth digital expertise has transformed the on-line presence of our brand portfolio. The team are now supporting us with both on and off line marketing projects working with Kew Marketing. They have been project managing our content marketing plans to ensure cohesive engaging comms from social to print and events. They are results focussed, deliver an excellent service and I’d be happy to recommend them."

Craig Riley, Director, Green Modular

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