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Tailor your mailouts and make your emails stand out from the rest: ask our email marketing experts how.

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At Wagada, we’ll help make your emails stand out from the rest. We’ll work with you to develop an effective email marketing strategy to reinforce brand awareness, keep your audience informed and generate extra sales. And we’ll help to ensure that your messages are read; an email can’t get the results you need if it’s stuck in the spam folder or deleted without being seen.

Targeted marketing on a budget

With the first message sent way back in 1971, the humble email has survived all these decades for a reason; it’s a really effective way to communicate. Here’s why email marketing still has an important place in your digital marketing arsenal:

As part of an overall digital strategy, email marketing is a no-brainer; it can reinforce the messages people are seeing online and through advertising, and it can point them in the right direction when you have something important to announce.

Measuring email success

If you already send emails to promote your business, you might be wondering what effect they have. How many of the addresses on your list are valuable leads? Does anyone actually read the messages you’ve written? Are you using your time effectively, or should you move to social media instead?

Here at Wagada, it’s our mission to seek out the answers. Only when you have the tools to measure these factors can your email marketing campaigns be honed to really get the results you’re looking for. So, we ensure that every campaign uses metrics to find out what’s effective and what’s not.

How we work

To get your email marketing strategy up and running, we’ll meet with you to discuss what emails can do for your business. We’ll suss out what you’re already doing well, and offer suggestions as to how you can make it even better.

When it comes to email production, we’re there for you if you need us – or we can leave you to your own devices if that works for you. We usually recommend MailChimp, an email marketing tool that’s easy for anyone to use. So once you’re up and running, it’s possible for you to handle your own emails without agency input.

If you prefer us to take care of it all, we’ll work with you to create truly effective email content, crafting compelling subject lines and persuasive copy, whittling down your list and sending targeted mailouts to the right people at the right time.


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