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Want to drive more traffic to your website? Make more sales, or get more customers? Whatever big plans you have for the future, search engine optimisation (“SEO”) can help you and your business to realise them.

Technical SEO Manager

At Wagada, we treat search as a tool to help you achieve your objectives, so when we work with you, we’ll build a strategy that integrates SEO into everything you do.

Rise up the ranks, and stay there

To rise to the top of today’s search engines, you need to focus on quality and relevance – highlighting all the things that make you unique and brilliant as a business.

The Wagada approach to SEO is evidence-based and results-focused. In line with the latest algorithm updates, we’ll show Google just how useful your website is to searchers: how it can answer their questions or solve their problems.

We’ll put SEO at the centre of everything you do and make a strategic, integrated plan encompassing a whole range of techniques, including:

Once you’ve demonstrated content that consistently provides real solutions to searcher queries, you’ll see your search ranking soar.

An ‘on-call’ SEO department

When you work with Wagada, it’s a true partnership. Think of us as your very own, on-call SEO department! We’re business-savvy and understand your priorities: your goals are our goals. But as a separate agency we offer a blend of specialist SEO knowledge, experience and flexibility that it’s hard to rival in-house. Our team’s knowledge and experience, including our ongoing training programme, means we can:

"We've seen our website traffic double"

In the 2 years we’ve worked with them, Thumbsie have grown their business thanks to our SEO results.

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Technical SEO Manager

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